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Apple unfurls more millennial-friendly texting tools including ’emoji prediction’

At its annual developer event, CEO Tim Cook led a stillnes for victims in Orlando, before disclosing updates to iOS and Siri, its voice-controlled AI

Apple, known for its steady river of slick consumer electronic devices, employed its annual developer seminar in San Francisco to roll out a collect of millennial-friendly texting tools to enhance emojis, improve image sharing and add animations to messages.

Among a two-hour river of product announcements at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference( WWDC) event, Apple engineers demonstrated the latest update of Apples smartphone software iOS, which will now let iPhone users add larger emojis, ensure photos and videos appear in a river of text messages, add animated impacts and emojify messages by converting typed terms into emojis.

Opening the event with a few moments of stillnes for the victims of the weekends shooting at a homosexual nightclub in Orlando, Apples CEO, Tim Cook who has become a leader on gay rights issues since talking about his own sexuality in 2014 called the attacks a senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism and detest is targeted at dividing and destroying.

Cook then set about laying out his vision for a future in which Apples software forms the central hub of its clients lives, helping track their fitness, send love notes, navigate the road and trade pictures of cute dogs.

Tim Cook lays out his vision for Apples future. Photograph: Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

More playful messages

Apple is clearly responding to the voice of the consumer; Messages is the most popular app on iOS, and the new features are designed to offer more playful alternatives that replicate some successful third-party messaging apps.

Were emoji predictions as you type, said Craig Federighi, Apples senior vice-president of software engineering. When you tap on the emoji button, well highlight all the emoji-fiable words.

Federighi also went somewhat off script, joking that the children of tomorrow will have no understanding of the English language. Clicking on the camera icon in Messages will instantly prove the camera live, and the demonstration proved some shots that appeared slightly more perfect than real life. It was a rare moment of candor in an otherwise characteristically veneered Apple presentation. Someone in marketing thought that was what youd see if you find through the camera … such an incongruous set of images.

Digital assistant

The iPhone maker is also betting heavily on winning a multi-front combat with Google, Facebook and Amazon to create a market-defining digital deputy that helps people make tiny decisions or suggests related information throughout the day, such as which emoji to utilize, which family member to tag in a photo, or the best time in your diary to get to the gym.

Apple plans to add machine-learning smarts to its messaging app, better predicting the contents of texts between any two people communicating with iPhones.

At the same time, it announces that it would open the technical innards of its Siri virtual assistant to outside developers who can induce other intelligent apps.Consumers could just ask Siri how long it would take for a Lyft or Uber to show up, rather than opening an app.

Siri also will begin working on Apples desktop and laptop computer. In one demo, Federighi showed how he could ask Siri to gather up all emails from a certain co-worker about a certain topic.

Apples desire to get more people to use Siri comes as other Silicon Valley giants release their own digital butlers. Amazon.com has Alexa, which will query the internet and adjust the illuminates in a room for users; Facebook has M; and Google announced its own Google Assistant in May.

Privacy features

Apple did, however, break with the larger technology industry over at the least one issue: privacy. As Silicon Valley tries to offer more products that analyze vast amounts of customer data to better predict how people will make decisions, it often requires users to forgo certain modern privacy tools, such as strong encryption. Thats because the companies usually can only analyze customer behavior by monitoring their messages, scanning their photographs and tracking their motions. These computations are done by running all of this data through corporate servers.

Apple tells its Messages app will continue to offer end-to-end encryption by default. Photo: Tony Avelar/ AP

In May, Google announced that Allo, its new messaging app, was able to offer digital assistant features if users dont turn on an optional strong encryption feature. Facebook will also make its new encryption technology on its Messenger app optional for similar reasons, people very well known the project said.

Apple, by contrast, said such machine-learning computations will be done on users devices, rather than company servers. Because of this, the company tells its Messages app will continue to offer end-to-end encryption by default.

Other updates

Apple is also renaming its operating system, the most recent version of which is called macOS Sierra. Updates include a shared clipboard, so that content and links can be shared between connected iPhones, iPads and Macs, a feature that will free up disk space by backing up less-used content on iCloud, and its pay service Apple Pay, which can now be used on desktop sites.

Apples latest watch software, WatchOS 3, speeds up changes between apps, adds text input by typing individual letters on screen and allows users to unlock their desktops with the presence of their watch, saving the effort of typing a password.

WWDC arrives as Apple faces a challenging future. In April, Apple reported its first sales decline in 13 years. The company, all there is massively successful, appears to be reaching a saturation point with its popular products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Its latest piece of hardware, Apple Watch, has faced consistently mixed reviews.

Apples annual developer seminar isnt commonly the site of sweeping product proclamations. The audience is full of coders and Apple tends to focus on minor tweaks that may only elicit applause from an enthralled audience deep in the weeds of app design.

When Federighi announced the shared clipboard, there was an audible gasp. At another point, Bozoma Saint John, head of consumer marketing for Apple Music, boldly tried to show off a new lyrics feature by getting the audience to rap along to Sugarhill Gangs classic Rappers Delight.

She speedily gave up after declaring the audience was not, as the sung instructs, rapping to the beat.

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Teaser trailer for Black Panther: Marvel’s original black superhero sharpens his claws

The first teaser of Ryan Cooglers film, which stars Chadwick Boseman, hinted at a cinema where action is monarch but the notions of colonialism and monarchy also feature

The first teaser trailer of the Creed director Ryan Cooglers Marvel adaptation Black Panther revealed a movie that they are able to tackle colonialism and ideas of autocracy, as well as the usual car-flipping action.

Airing during an NBA finals game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, the teaser debuted the first shootings of Chadwick Boseman, who played James Brown in the biopic Get On Up, as TChalla aka the Black Panther, the would-be ruler of the fictional African country of Wakanda.

The trailer starts with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman talking about how Wakanda is actually the mythical golden city El Dorado, with Serkiss character boasting: Im the only one who has insured it and induced it out alive.

A voiceover goes on to predict that soon there will merely the conquerers and the conquered, as armed groups attempt to stage what appears to be an invasion.

Before the trailer was released, Marvel teased the movies poster with Boseman sitting on a throne. A press release revealed a little of the plot, which will follow the Black Panther as hes describe into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk.

Boseman induced his first appearance as the Black Panther in the superhero ensemble film Captain America: Civil War in 2016, and Cooglers film is to debut in February 2018.

Chadwick Boseman as TChalla aka the Black Panther. Photograph: Marvel

Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of Between the World and Me, began writing new editions of the Black Panther comic in 2016 and promised an upheaval of the character, who first appeared in 1966 and was the first mainstream black superhero. The former Guardian columnist Roxane Gay has also written the comic.

The film seems to be along the same lines as Coatess work, with the main tagline its hard for a good man to be a king mirroring something Coates told when promoting his version of the comic.

In Black Panther there is a simpler question: can a good man be a king, and would an advanced society tolerate a ruler? he asked in 2016.

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I want to pay someone to create a really high quality intro to machine learning course for all of Reddit

Hey all,

I work for a company that is doing very well, and we’re looking to give back. We’re currently looking for someone to create( and give away) a live introduction to machine learning course.

We pay competitively, and it will be 100% free for everyone. If you know anyone please let them/ me know.

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Tactile sensor lets robots gauge objects’ hardness and manipulate small tools

A GelSight sensor attached to a robot’s gripper enables the robot to determine precisely where it has grasped a small screwdriver, removing it from and inserting it back into a slot, even when the gripper screens the screwdriver from the robot’s camera. (credit: Robot Locomotion Group at MIT)

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have added sensors to grippers on robot arms to give robots greater sensitivity and dexterity. The sensor can judge the hardness of surfaces it touches, enabling a robot to manipulate smaller objects than was previously possible.

The “GelSight” sensor consists of a block of transparent soft rubber — the “gel” of its name — with one face coated with metallic paint. It is mounted on one side of a robotic gripper. When the paint-coated face is pressed against an object, the face conforms to the object’s shape and the metallic paint makes the object’s surface reflective. Mounted on the sensor opposite the paint-coated face of the rubber block are three colored lights at different angles and a single camera.

Humans gauge hardness by the degree to which the contact area between the object and our fingers changes as we press on it. Softer objects tend to flatten more, increasing the contact area. The MIT researchers used the same approach.

A GelSight sensor, pressed against each object manually, recorded how the contact pattern changed over time, essentially producing a short movie for each object. A neural network was then used to look for correlations between changes in contact patterns and hardness measurements. The resulting system takes frames of video as inputs and produces hardness scores with very high accuracy.

The researchers also designed control algorithms that use a computer vision system to guide the robot’s gripper toward a tool and then turn location estimation over to a GelSight sensor once the robot has the tool in hand.

“I think that the GelSight technology, as well as other high-bandwidth tactile sensors, will make a big impact in robotics,” says Sergey Levine, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California at Berkeley. “For humans, our sense of touch is one of the key enabling factors for our amazing manual dexterity. Current robots lack this type of dexterity and are limited in their ability to react to surface features when manipulating objects. If you imagine fumbling for a light switch in the dark, extracting an object from your pocket, or any of the other numerous things that you can do without even thinking — these all rely on touch sensing.”

The researchers presented their work in two papers at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

Wenzhen Yuan | Measuring hardness of fruits with GelSight sensor

Abstract of Tracking Objects with Point Clouds from Vision and Touch

We present an object-tracking framework that fuses point cloud information from an RGB-D camera with tactile information from a GelSight contact sensor. GelSight can be treated as a source of dense local geometric information, which we incorporate directly into a conventional point-cloud-based articulated object tracker based on signed-distance functions. Our implementation runs at 12 Hz using an online depth reconstruction algorithm for GelSight and a modified secondorder update for the tracking algorithm. We present data from hardware experiments demonstrating that the addition of contact-based geometric information significantly improves the pose accuracy during contact, and provides robustness to occlusions of small objects by the robot’s end effector.

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Jean-Claude Juncker: I keep a listing of people who have traversed me

DTAG 5 TTDTAG 6 TTDTAG 7 TTAnother week of is underway, which means Ive wasted another hour of my life watching Rosewoods Most Wanted fuck up their lives in heinous outerwear. Luckily Ive been working on having more patience theres tequila and Im three margs deep so this should be fun. Lets do this thing, shall we? BTAG 1 TT BTAG 2 TT The episode opens with Detective Tanner who has a huge vendetta BTAG 5 TT IMG 2 TTBTAG 6 TT BTAG 7 TT Anyway, Aria is still on the side of the road trying to figure out wtf to do with the dead body thats in her trunk. A policeman pulls over because of course one does and Aria has zero fucking cold about it. Jesus. Aria, youve been doing this shit since you had your learners permit, YOU KNOW THE DRILL.BTAG 8 TT BTAG 9 TT Rosewood PD : You look like you might require some help with that trunk? BTAG 10 TT BTAG 11 TT Aria 😛 TAGEND


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RTAG 25 TTRead more:

In wideranging interview, European commission president criticises calls for him to quit and rejects asserts he espoused Nigel Farage after Brexit vote

There is no shortage of people who could make it into the bad volumes of the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Theres the whistleblower and journalists who uncovered tax avoidance on a vast scalein his native Luxembourg. And the Hungarian “ministers “, Viktor Orbn, who has alarmed EU leaders with a series of authoritarian and populist policy announcements. A whole chapter could be devoted to perfidious Brits, chief among them Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

While the true listing of his enemies remains secret, Juncker has exposed he keeps a little black book to note down the names of people who traversed him. I have a little black book called Le Petit Maurice where for the past 30 years I have noted when someone has betrayed me, the EU president told the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Juncker explained it wasnt very full, because people rarely betray me. He added: I am not vengeful, but I have a good memory. Junckers black book was a constant companion during his 18 years as prime minister of Luxembourg. He would tell people attacking him: Be careful. Little Maurice is waiting for you.

Although it is seducing to imagine Juncker has devoted pages to Nigel Farage, the EU president claimed he respected the Ukip leader and detected him very funny and erudite.

But Juncker, known for his exuberant bear hugs and back-slapping greetings, was also at aches to explain he had not espoused Farage when they last met at the European parliament in Strasbourg. I whispered something in his ear that was not a compliment. The photos get the impression that I embraced him.

He also said he regularly called Orbn a despot to his face, and he described his humor as calculated, rather than cynical.

The Luxembourger took charge of the European committee in 2014 after almost two decades running the grand duchy, as well as eight years in charge of eurozone finance ministers meetings.

In recent weeks, he has faced calls to stand down. Going on the offensive, Juncker criticised the disgusting attacks on him and said he had no intention of standing down.

He said he was sad about Brexit, because he would spend the next two or three years focusing on the deconstruction of Europe, rather than its consolidation.

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Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning | Ebook

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