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What is Artificial Intelligence( or Machine Learning )? 2017

What is Artificial Intelligence( or Machine Learning )? 2017 What is AI? What is machine learning and how does it run? You’ve likely heard the buzz.

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YA Books To Read Before University! | Recommendations[ CC]

Over the last couple years( while Bee and I have been at university* sigh *) we’ve saw some really great books that speak perfectly to the university …

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This State Just Dug Deep Into Voting Irregularities. It Find Nothing Close To Widespread Fraud.

A Michigan investigation into voting irregularities in the November election has found that discrepancies between the numbers of voters and ballots cast were due to human error.It procured no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

As President Donald Trump calls for a national investigation into voter scam, the Michigan investigation, released Thursday, highlights how easy it is to have unintentional voting irregularities that arent nefarious at all. While Trump has claimed there was widespread voter hoax in the election, the Michigan probe found potential instances of hoax to be extremely rare.

In December, The Detroit News reported that there was a mismatch between poll volumes and voting machine printouts in 392 Detroit precincts. The Michigan Secretary of States Office examined the results in 136 of those precincts ones it determined to be the worst of the worst when it came to mismatched voter tallies. In half of those 136 precincts, the Secretary of States Office found that the tallies could have been balanced on election night had workers recognise there was a problem.

Beyond issues that could have been addressed on election night, there were just under 600 ballots outstanding. Through their investigation, officials were able to reduce that number to 200 approximately 0.08 percent of the 250,000 elections cast in the city. Trump earned over 2 million votes statewide and defeated Hillary Clinton by more than 10,000 votes.

The investigation attributed the discrepancies to poll employees improperly utilizing poll volumes, leaving counted votes in a tabulator bin and incorrectly recording provisional ballots.

Through its investigation, the Secretary of States Office determined 31 people who it believes voted twice: once by absentee ballot and once in person on Election Day. The Secretary of States Office referred the 31 someones to the Attorney Generals Office for criminal prosecution. Even if those 31 people are convicted, they represent a very small fraction of the nearly 4.8 million voters who cast their votes in Michigan during the election.

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Machine Learning in the Wolfram Language

http :// www.wolfram.com/ training/ Machine Learning in the Wolfram Language: Learn about the highly automated machine learning framework in the Wolfram …

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Someone with nervousnes is inclined to presume everyone is going to leave. So much so, sometimes they might be the ones to ruin a relationship. The truth is they combat something they cant control and there is a sense of insecurity within themselves when it comes to relationships. They know its difficult and they dont wishes to onu you with their irrational thoughts and frets. So instead, they push you away before you get the chance to leave yourself.

HTAG 2 TTThe phrase, Its okay, can never be used enough.HETAG 2 TT RTAG 3 TT Its two terms. Two words that stop every think operating through their head. And frankly, you can never say it enough. HTAG 6 TTRemember its not that they dont trust you. Theyre scared.HETAG 6 TT RTAG 7 TTYou say its an ex and in their intellect, they jump to cheating. You say its a friend and in their intellect, its person trying to break you too up. Its not you and your relationship that isnt trusted, its every worse instance scenario automatically playing out in their head and they hate themselves for it. HTAG 8 TTDont be mad if they send a doubled text.HETAG 8 TT RTAG 9 TTYou might turn your phone on, to four texts. If you are able to remember its not that theyre trying to be annoying. They care. They care too much and they know it constructs them look bad. HTAG 12 TTOnce trust is gained theyll love you unbelievably hard.HETAG 12 TT RTAG 13 TTWhile uncompleted to listings, strategies getting messed up, texts operating answered, might overwhelm person with nervousnes, if there is something they are good at it’s love. If theres something they’re strong in, its their ability to show you how much they adore and appreciate you. It might take them a while to trust you but once they do their capacity to love you will fill you in ways, you didnt know you were empty or even missing something. RTAG 14 TTMake sure to visit: CapGeneration.com
What if your favorite books were one letter off? CAST Ian Hecox Noah Grossman Keith Leak Jr. Courtney Miller Olivia Sui Shayne Topp Monica Vasandani …

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Cape Watch: A Glimpse at Who Batman Will Battle in His Solo Movie

Now that the summer blockbuster season is over, the coming week felt as if the superhero film industry–or the bigwigs at DC, Marvel, and Fox, at least–let out a deep sigh of relief and started thinking about the future. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad looks like it is unable to cross the $ 700 million mark before it leaves theaters, proving well, that depends on how you feel about the Rorschach movie of the year, genuinely. While you’re working that out, here are the highlights of the week’s superhero movie news.

SUPER IDEA: The Dark Knight Teases

Ben Affleck knew that he would drive the Internet wild where reference is shared this earlier in the week 😛 TAGEND

For those unfamiliar with the lumbering figure in the test footage, that’s Deathstroke, the unstoppable mercenary who got his origin in the New Teen Titans comic of the 1980 s before going on to face Green Arrow and the whole Justice League.( Random trivia: Deadpool started out as a Deathstroke parody of sorts .) Fans initially believed this meant that the anti-hero was going to show up in next year’s Justice League , but then it was reported that , no, he’d be the main villain in the Affleck-directed standalone Batman movie. Bad news for those who’d been hoping for a Batman/ Joker battle, if true.
Why this is super : While Deathstroke isn’t traditionally a Batman villain in the comic book, there’s some thematic consistency in pitting the two against each other: the world’s greatest detective having to hunt down the world’s greatest mercenary? Now there is a high concept, never mind the superhero costumes.

SUPER IDEA: Flash Hit By Forecasts of a Cold Spell

Sure, he’s fast, but how much will speed assistance DC’s Flash when he has to deal with more than one bad guy? Heroic Hollywood reports that The Flash movie will give Ezra Miller’s Fastest Man Alive a whole supervillain group to juggle, with the Rogues( a band of bad guys with different gimmicks who like to work together) being the source of trouble in the movie. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of the Rogues will show up, as Mashable’s Jeff Sneider tweeted 😛 TAGEND

It’s likely fans won’t only see Cold and the Golden Glider( Cold’s sister, for those who aren’t up on their Flash facts) in the movie, though. Also, surely there will be at least a Captain Boomerang cameo, if not full-on appearances by Mirror Master, Heat wave, and Weather Wizard too, right?
Why this is super : Dedicated the success of Captain Cold on the CW’s Flash TV display, it merely constructs sense to employ him as the movie’s rogue. The only question is, can anyone actually lives up to Wentworth Miller’s line delivery?

SUPER IDEA: Captain Marvel Has a Fine List of Directors to Choose From

Now that we finally know who Marvel’s Captain Marvel is, the speculative engine powering the 2019 project has entered the director stage, with the Hollywood Reporter saying that the studio has constricted the field to simply three people: Whale Rider ‘ s Niki Caro, Trying a Friend at the End of the World ‘ s Lorene Scafaria, and TV director Lesli Linka Glatter, who’s helmed episodes of Homeland , The Newsroom , and Mad Men . Jeff Sneider added a fourth nominee on Twitter: Rebecca Thomas, who directed 2012′ s Electrick Children . All four follow Marvel’s tendency to go for comparatively obscure choices who are inexpensive but bring a lot of ambition to the table. Now we just need one director to come out on top.
Why this is super : While it’s likely that none of the names mentioned are known by the majority of people who’ll want to watch Captain Marvel , it’s good to see Marvel perpetrated not only to putting new talent on big movies, but also to detecting a female director to helm this film.

SUPER IDEA: Strange Crossover Tales

It was just a few weeks ago Marvel announced that it is teaming up with Hulu to develop a series based on Runaways , but now there’s already term that things are moving forward in a big way. According to a report on That Hashtag Show , November’s Doctor Strange may have cameos from not only Brother Voodooanother Marvel magic-powered superhero who is thankfully less embarrassing than his name suggestsbut also Tina Minoru … the mother of one of the Runaways, and an important character in that particular myth for reasons that, to explain, might ruin the gimmick of the series.
Why this is super : Well, everything is supposed to be connected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who really expected a Runaways tie-in so quickly? Let’s just hope that nothing bad happens to Tina before she gets to Hulu.

SUPER IDEA: Some Momentum on that New Mutants Movie. Finally

The long-awaited New Mutants movie at Fox has some forward momentum, with news coming this week that Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber have signed on to work on a new screenplay for the project. They join the project after previously working with New Mutants director Josh Boone on The Fault in Our Stars . If that pedigree constructs New Mutants sound like a deviation from other recent X-Men flicks, don’t worry. X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse screenwriter Simon Kinberg is overseeing the entire project, so it’s likely New Mutants won’t be too from the other movies we’ve been getting from the Xavier estate recently.
Why this is super : Fox certainly seems committed to going the YA route for New Mutants , which could be a stroke of genius on its part, considering the demographic of the characters, never mind the target audience. Material like The Hunger Games and even Divergent and The Maze Runner have shown the potential for a true YA superhero propertycould this be the next big thing waiting to happen?

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